Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Franken humor of an ASS

Click the link and watch what passes for humor in the mind of the spokesman for the left.

If a republican did the same skit the MSM would be screaming about intolerance and hate from the right. All I can say is what a bafoon.



  1. There's the difference. Franken is a comedian, not a Republican.

    Furthermore, it's interesting how up in arms the right is when he made his joke about executions on Letterman and the Today Show, which as it happens to be, is a possible direct punishment for committing high treason.

    That said, I don't think the right got it's panties in such a tiff when Robertson made his comments about Chavez.

    Did they...?

  2. As a matter of fact they did. I even posted on this blog about the lunacy of any so called holyman calling for a killing.

    As for High treason you have a little problem there fella Valerie Plame wasn't undercover so no treason could take place she also wasn't an overseas operative so the treason aspect wouldn't apply. That just happens to come from the judge that wrote the law, but you being the koolaid drinking lefty that you are wouldn't be interestyed in facts your to busy foaming at the mouth. As for Franken being a comedian Bullshit he wasn't even funny on Saturday Night Live, Belushi was funny Ackroid was funny he's just an ASS

  3. besides Ray who wants comments from an ass that doesn't even have a profile now go away I have to check in with Haliburton before I go to my next Tri Lateral Commision meeting

  4. I completely disagree with this entire blog, but I want to tell you that I can truly appreciate the humor here. Some of it is really funny :)
    I like the wit.

  5. I probably shouldn't have said that I disagree with the entire blog because in all fairness, I haven't read the *entire* blog :)

  6. Well saying you disagree with the Blog is always acceptable, but it would be nice if you were a little more specific. You don't like the Color arrangement, you don't like the parchment format, or is there a particular post that you have a different point of view about. If so which one and what is your point of view?

  7. Ok. You're comment on my blog, while angry and frothing, was generally well worded with a good vocabulary. I'll reply here to your response here.

    I'm glad you call it lunacy when any holyman calls for a killing. I agree 100% with you on that one.

    As for your statement on my being wrong in regards to Plame and treason, my post, nor my comment in particular, made the assertion that she was indeed undercover or that treason had been committed.

    The post was on Franken's joking response to a question posed by Matt Lauer in regards to the current investigation where one of the questions has been if an undercover agent had been outed.

    Look, the Left says yes, the Right says no. I can show you links defending that assertion as I'm sure you can show me links defending your assertion. We don't need to go there, honestly. Agree to disagree. Bear in mind, though, that my post wasn't debating whether treason was committed, nor did it debate whether Plame was covert or not.

    As for a "koolaid drinking lefty" who "wouldn't be interested in facts your to busy foaming at the mouth," again, my post was not on the facts of the investigation itself. It was on a joke, told by a comedian, that was twisted by mouthpieces for the Right and re-issued as a Robertson-esque "call for execution." A complete lie and a complete misrepresentation of the truth.

    So, with all due respect, the next time you want to come to my blog and critize something I've written, at least read the post and stay at least slightly on topic, just like I did yours in regards to if a Republican had made the same comment. I don't have to read your whole blog to comment on one post.

    That all said and done, I will try to come back to your site and check in on it from time to time to get a better feel for you. Poor timing, I guess - your posting about Franken and mine and my seeing yours on Phillyfuture.

  8. Not a problem Ray we all go sidways at times I'll be a little more tolerant next time