Sunday, September 04, 2005

Second one From Horrowitz Blog

Katrina fest: Time for the Bush-haters and racists

Huffington Post has them all -- the blame anything and everything on Bush crowd, the bash the corporations crew and the race hustlers who blame everything on whitey. Without doubt the most sickening among them is the expatriate Randall Robinson who scorned and then left the country that made him wealthy to settle in Carribean luxury and now returns via the Internet to attack the white people he first tried to extort through phony reparations and then left behind in disgust. "Four days after the storm thousands of blacks are dying in New Orleans. No one has come to help them...I am hopeless, I am sad. I am angry against my country..." This is already three lies: First, whites and blacks are both suffering. Second, whites and blacks are coming to help them. Third, Randall Robinson left his native country more than a year ago, announcing that he despised it and went into self-imposed exile. Now he returns to befoul the nest that is no longer his.
This is a natural disaster. Human stupidity -- always the greatest unremarked factor in human affairs -- has played a big if not surprising role in the tragedy. Take one look at the hundreds of New Orleans school buses that were not used to transport people out of harm's way, but left to drown in the flood. Who is responsible? Democrat mayors and governors, Republican Fema and Homeland Security officials, law enforcement agencies, the President -- who knows? There is enough blame to go around, but who was shouting from the rooftops that this was going to happen in the first place? Let them be the ones to speak. Instead the political maggots and vultures, the Huffington know-nothings whose gums never stop flapping and whose fangs are always bared have come out to feed off the corpses in order to promote their pet causes. Blame Bush, blame the oil companies, blame the war on terror which they hate because of their sympathies for an enemy that also blames Bush, blames the oil companies and blames the war on terror.

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