Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sidney Blumenthall attacks his own country in foriegn Press

For Clinton white house member Blumenthal preaches the Clinton method of dealing with terrorism to the Brits. In an article in the Guardian the known hack Blumenthal puts forth the policies that led to 9/11 as the way to fight the war on terror.

Sidney these methods that you support are exactly the methods that allowed the terror attacks of the clinton years to culminate into 9/11. Its not surprising that you put this story out in the UK instead of the US. Whats the matter can't stand the heat, or especially now that Jamie Gorelick and her suppressing of information from the 9/11 commission is about to be reinvestigated you just don't want to add to the pot.

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  1. Ahh..back to the good old days of Klinton appeasement protocal.