Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Is the Shuttle DOOMED

God I hope not. The lunatic Fringe contingant. Which I am part of is running rampant with speculation about their impending Doom. Maj Ed Dames (the father of remote viewing) is predicting it has a good chance of blowing up. But what has me concerned is the speculation by Richard C Hoagland. A man blackballed by the JPL community but the man who should be running NASA, Was just on the radio discussing the horrifying possibility of what could happen as they pull the two shims out of the underbelly of the shuttle. The shim in the tail will expose the shuttles aluminum skin to the plasma of heat from re-entry. We all saw what happened the last time that happened. We lost our second shuttle. I beg anyone who reads this to pray for their safe return. If you want additional info Hoaglands link is on the side. When you go to his site go to the captains blog.

As I have stated before the Space Program is the shining star in our crown we must keep it Brilliant.

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