Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bill Mahr is an AssHole

I sat and watched the comedy special Bill Mahr I'm Swiss. ninety percent of it was political commentary not comedy. The humor was supposed to be the observations he made about the current administration, the right, and anyone who believes in religion. Some of it was cute, but the majority of it was just hostility directed at things and beliefs that he disagrees with. What came through his commentary was bitterness and a window into man that was really rather sad. The whole underlying theme of it was if you don't think like he does your the joke. As a presentation he tried to deliver his material the way George Carlin does, but fell way short. I dissagree with Carlin on most of his political views also. I have to say though that Carlin always makes me laugh. Everyone is entitled to their points of view including Mahr but his lack of talent at delivering his message was pathetic.


  1. But Limbaugh, Hannity and Oreilly hide their bitterness so well.

    I thought it was great, not as good as his show but good.

  2. Mahr is not as funny as Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levin.

    Too bad for Mahr, as he knows nothing about politics. No wonder the libs love this guy!

  3. The problem is insHannity and Limbaugh take themselves seriously and are not supposed to be funny; but yes, I agree, they are funny. The funniest about Limbaugh is that he is an Oxy Contin junky and still a fat blimp.