Saturday, July 09, 2005

You just have to laugh at the press

This whole flack over jailing these two reporters is one of the best comedies I've seen in a long time.

Lets look at a few things. The press is having fits because they are being jailed for refusing to release the names of sources. Yet the press brought this whole issue on themselves with their FAKE outrage over the mentioning of Valerie Plumes name in an article bellitling her husbands false information that Iraq was not trying to get yellow cake from Africa. Which by the way has been proven that not only did they try but they succeded the american millitary found supplies of the yellow cake in Iraq.

Thats all a side point. The comedy is the press. In their zeal to try and fabricate a case against the administration for putting a researcher who didn't do undercover spy work for the cia "in danger for her life" have done nothing but get two of there own compatriots locked up. And created a so called chilling effect on the freedom of the press. The press succeded in creating an outrage over her name being leaked but they forgot that there is no such thing as anonymous sources in the law. The immunity that the press tries to dispence to the people that give them information is somthing that they have NO POWER TO GIVE. They are just reporters and newspapers. They are not officers of the court, they have NO AUTHORITY to grant immunity. When a story reveals a crime to prosicute that crime evidence is gathered. The word of a reporter that the information is valid is not evidence in court. The reporter is actually guilty of obstruction of justice. They have no ability or right to hide the source of there information. If they did they could say that you were a child molester an they had it from an anonymous source. You have a right to have the evidence against you presented to you so that it either convicts you or you can disprove it as a sham.

In their arrogance and group agenda to attack this administration they have cut their own throats. You even have newspapers now saying becouse of this they are afraid to print certain stories

ie: "The editor of The Cleveland Plain Dealer said last night that the newspaper, acting on the advice of its lawyers, was withholding publication of two major investigative articles because they were based on illegally leaked documents and could lead to penalties against the paper and the jailing of reporters"

What nonsence if they have papers that show a crime print the story give the papers to a prosicuter and let the guilty be punnished. Who ever leaked the info if it shows a crime has been commited than they will be vindicated and are protected under whistle blower laws unless they are part of the criminal act.

I just love the whole scene of reporters being hoisted on their own pitard.

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