Sunday, July 24, 2005

The games about to begin

With the apointment of Roberts to the supreme court lets see what the Dems will come up with. I know He'll overturn Roe v Wade, No hill cancel civil rights, No he won't answer the questions, The white house won't release the documents, He's a rightwing extreamist activist judge, and worst of all He's catholic!

The fun & games of a desperate party that can't seem to grasp that they don't represent anyone except loonies. The sad part is this mans vote on the supreme court would not be enough to change anything. We need to replace two more judges to have a trustworthy majority.

Rhenquist will die this year that will give us number 2 then we have to wait for one more of the wackos like Ginsberg or Bryer to die becouse you know they will never retire.

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