Monday, August 29, 2005

Philly Future

I have been posting at another Site called Philly Future there is a link to it on my sidebar. I went to this site out of my own interest in my City and region. Philly is a wonderful place to live I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But this city has a darkside of intolerance to anyone that is not a liberal or a democrat.

I was hoping to just add my point of view into the mix on this site. It said it was open to all points of view. Sadly this seems not to be the case. It is run by people that are of the liberal point of view and so far they are very intollerant of any other view. I will give it a few more days to get more of a feel for it, but I think that the telltale signs of thier bias will make it a waste of time. It wouldn't surprise me if they block my posts and cancel my account. What a pity.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Return of Heterodoxy

David Horrowitz site Is bringing back a series of articles that everyone should read. They are a documentation and critique of the Corrupt seizure of American Acedemia by the Commie Leftist Wackos of the 60s.

Here is a blurb to wet your whistle.

David and I began Heterodoxy at about the time of the occupation of
Washington by the Clintons which seemed to us at the time to be the
political equivalent of the triumph of Faulkner's Snopes family in Yoknapatapha
County.Their rise to power was parallaled by that of the tenured radicals
in the universities, some of them people we had known on the Left in the
60s. Back then their deepest ambition had been to burn the university
down. Failing in that objective, as in so many others, they had dived back into
academia and gotten onto the tenure track when the revolutionary going got rough
in the late 70s. They had accomplished the destruction of the
university firelessly, so to speak, by marrying the thoughts of fascist
leaning foreign intellectuals such as Paul De Man who denied the objective
existence of truth to the thoughts of Marxists like Antonio Gramsci in
the intellectual equivalent of the Hitler-Stalin Pact. This putsch,
which had taken place silently and in slow motion, had produced a new
and sinister phenomenon opponents were calling political correctness
which spread outward like an airborne toxic event into the larger
culture. George Orwell's "smelly little orthodoxies".seemed to be taking
over the world. A cultural war had broken out, but our side didn't have an
army in the field. We decided that there was only one antidote for the new
orthodoxy: Heterodoxy.

It will run a new/old article every week.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

This is what you get when you pull out of an area Full Of Terrorists

Here is an example of what the reaction of the terrorists would be if we pulled out of Iraq before the terrorists were squashed.

Aug 27, 9:21 AM (ET)By IBRAHIM

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - The Islamic militant group Hamas released a videotape of a shadowy senior commander who has eluded Israeli forces for more than a decade, taking another shot in a Palestinian power struggle over who should get credit for Israel's pullout from Gaza. The man, identifying himself as fugitive bombmaker Mohammed Deif, described Israel's withdrawal as a victory for armed resistance, rejected calls for his group to disarm and vowed to continue attacking Israel until the Jewish state is erased from the map.

"You are leaving Gaza today in shame," he said in comments directed at Israel. "Today you are leaving hell. But we promise you that tomorrow all Palestine will be hell for you, God willing."

Just Trying to Organize My Blog

I have been trying to clean up my blog and make it easier to read. I have organized my links into categories and will be adding more as I get a better handle on my Blog. I hope that any visitors that I get might find this to be a better format for your viewing pleasure. If not the hell with ya I'm doing it for me any way.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Jamie Gorelick is Panicking

This e-mail is being mass sent to every right leaning blog.

"I am disturbed by your continual smears of honorable Americans like Jamie Gorelick. If you disagree with the opinions of Ms. Gorelick, then please voice that at your discretion, but engaging in personal smears campaigns at the behest of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist really do a disservice to your readers. Jamie Gorelick’s memo did not disallow sharing of information between the military and the FBI. Please issue a correction in your next blog."

There seems to be a campaign launched by blogs on the Left to write attack e-mails demanding "corrections" from me and others regarding the role of Jamie Gorelick's 1995 "wall" memo and its resulting effect on the Able Danger matter. Here's what I think, and what I have said for more than a week now: The 1981 executive order governing intelligence matters specifically gives military intelligence a right to share information with the FBI. But when the deputy attorney general, in 1995, writes a memo insisting that when it comes to sharing intelligence, it is important to go 'beyond the letter of the law" -- and she is the same person who was the general counsel at the Pentagon before that -- said memo indicates a mindset in the government about the dangers and inherent incorrectness about the sharing of intelligence information that was very dangerous. That's what 9/11 proved in part, and why a lot of us think Gorelick's "wall" memo was important and reflective of a mindset consensus. But don't take my word for it. Consider how damaging Mary Jo White, the Clinton appointee who was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, reacted to Gorelick -- with horror and outrage at the difficulties she was placing in the path of those tasked with the challenge of rooting out stateless terrorists.

Or, on second thought, don't read Mary Jo White. Don't read anything. Just continue to serve as an e-mail robot. It's probably the best you guys can do.

The best part about this is Curt Weldon or the Members of Able Danger didn't even mention Gorelicks name. She was on vacation when this story broke and knowing her crimes She called Weldons office from the Islands stating she was not guilty before being accused. You know what they say Guilt will make You Tilt.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

To all the loony leftists that say Zarcowee represents an insurgancy of Iraqies

From Iraq The Model regarding the so-called insurgancy fighters (the Sunni groups)

The Sunni respond to Al-Qaeda's threats...
Al-Qaeda is becoming even more aggressive toward Iraq as a whole and a few dyas ago Sunni leaders were added to Al-Qaeda's hit-list.
I think this reflects a lot of frustration among the jihadists leaders after armed clashes between Sunni tribes and jihadi fighters and the active Sunnis participation in the constitution writing process…now Zarqawi is talking about slitting throats again.

The response from the Sunni clerics didn't take a long time to come and ironically that response came from no less than Fallujah itself.
Here's what I read on Al-Mada (Arabic).

The Fallujah scholars council represented by its head Hamza Al-Eisawi the preacher in Al-Wahda mosque released an announcement that urged Fallujans to take their role in the referendum. The cleric explained that this is one of their duties as clerics to give advice to the people and he added that the fatwa will be read in all of the city's mosques.
It's worth mentioning that four voters registration offices have been designated in the city and the people have decided to take the responsibility of protecting these offices without interference from the multinational forces. At the same time, Fallujah is witnessing daily lectures and conferences where thinkers and leaders from the Islamic party are educating the people about the importance of participation in the referendum.

Abdul Hameed Jadoo the preacher at Al-Furqan mosque called the people to have their names registered in the offices saying that "the constitution is going to prove our identity as Iraqis"
Abbas Kareem, a former naval officer from Fallujah said "If we se a fair and balanced draft of the constitution then we're certainly going to accept it"

Dr. Suhaib Mahmood from Fallujah's general hospital said "If the draft guaranteed equal rights for all Iraqis away from sectarian discrimination we'll consider it convincing…having our say in the constitution is essential and an important turning point for us"

While lawyer Sabah Naji from Fallujah too said "We have to participate in the referendum and even if we didn't like the draft we still have the opportunity to say no"

Ahmed Hameed, an engineer in the municipal department in Fallujah said "the town is about to see a new political change that will have a big effect on the shape of the political future of Iraq…everybody here is going to participate and no one wants to miss the chance this time"

Meanwhile but in Mosul, Al-Mada paper also reported that voters registration offices in the northern city are receiving lots of people who want to add their names to the voters lists and that sources from the IECI told the paper that registration rates exceeded expectations it was also mentioned that preachers in Mosul's mosques are conducting a wide campaign to encourage people to participate in the referendum.

In Baghdad and during last Friday's prayers at the Um Al-Qura mosque (the HQ of the association of Muslim scholars) Sheikh Mahdi Al-Sumaiday declared that the association and the Islamic party as well as the department of Sunni property have all made the decision to take part in the political process.

Back to the main topic of this post;last week Zarqawi threatened to bomb, kill and behead all those who dare to show up for the referendum.
Do I need to remind Zarqawi of his previous threats and how Iraqi's responded to these threats?
In an earlier message of hatred he claimed to be defending the Sunni from the Sheat and now he's declaring all Iraqis are his enemies.

- posted by Mohammed @ 18:29

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Just Bad Radio

I am a big fan of radio. All sorts. I listen to every type of talk radio on the dial. I am blessed in owning a CCRANE radio which alows me to do a lot of DXing.

I listen to 1210am wpht as my primary station it is brodcast out of Philly. I also listen to 900 am an african american station and 1340am another african american station. At night my two favorite shows are Rollye James (queen of the lunatic fringe), and Coast to Coast Am the show that was started by Art Bell. Coast runs the gamat from alien abductions to conspiracy central depending on the night of the week.

Lately I have found a station 1530am out of Cincinnati it's one of the AirAmerica stations. I have had the opportunity to hear Randy Rhodes and this Guy named Lionel. I found them when I was tuning out O'Reily I just can't stand him. What has amazed me listining to AA is the quality of the talent. Which is anything but talented. I don't mind listening to opposing points of view one should always know what the other side is saying. The delivery of their message is just done poorly. When they disagree with a caller they talk over them and call them names and attack them as rightwing looney christians. Now even if you believe this to be true the way talk radio works is that you let the caller either hang themselves with their own words or you refute what they say with your arguments in the other direction. Niether of these no talents are capable of doing this. They don't even know how to try. Lionel went on for over an hour the other night saying that in his words "the dirty son of a bitches are just going to give us a draft" when he took a call that disagreed with him the caller saying that the only people trying to institute a draft was Charlie Rangle a democrat. This lionel blew a fuse and called the guy a liar and started talking over him saying "you'll see you'll see". Now what the guy said was the truth and even if you disagree and believe that the republicans are going to start a draft. The better tact would have been to ridicule the caller with his reasoning of why lionel believes that the republicans are going to do a draft. The whole time I was listining he never gave an argument to support his notion on this position.

If the left is going to survive in the talk radio business they have to start entertaining. This radio station that is syndicated in a few markets which are all high democrat markets still has poor ratings. If they can't even get their base to listen how do they expect to survive. You can only steal so much money befor you get shut down. And I say that not to be obnoxious but because it has come out that half the money used to start this franchise was money that was swindled away from programs to help seniors. All in all it's just Bad radio.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Everyone Say a prayer for the Jews

They have begun to evict the the Gaza and west bank settlers so far there has been no violence. How long will that last. I lay 10 to 1 that the so called "supporters" that have flooded into the region to help the settlers are the ones that are going to cause a problem if it happens. Lets pray it stays peaceful.

The group that cracks me up are the Palestinians. They want Gaza all the west bank and Half of Jerusalem. Well they will never get part of jerusalem. If their lucky they will get a little of the west bank. Gaza will now be theirs. I give it about a week to ten days before a civil war breaks out and Hamas seizes controll.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sidney Blumenthall attacks his own country in foriegn Press

For Clinton white house member Blumenthal preaches the Clinton method of dealing with terrorism to the Brits. In an article in the Guardian the known hack Blumenthal puts forth the policies that led to 9/11 as the way to fight the war on terror.

Sidney these methods that you support are exactly the methods that allowed the terror attacks of the clinton years to culminate into 9/11. Its not surprising that you put this story out in the UK instead of the US. Whats the matter can't stand the heat, or especially now that Jamie Gorelick and her suppressing of information from the 9/11 commission is about to be reinvestigated you just don't want to add to the pot.

syds words

Mrs Sheehan is Pathetic...

This poor woman loss her son because her son was doing what he believed was the right thing Serving his Country.

His mother has been exploited by the left and Air America, Michael Moore, and every other lefty wacko. The rest of her family has disowned her and she continues over the edge. The sad part is after a month or two when the press and the left looses interest in her the following actions that she is stating that she will do as reported on Drudge will cost her more pain an none of those lefties will help her when the IRS seize her house or her assets.



Anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan, whose soldier son Casey was killed in Iraq, is calling for Bush's "impeachment," and for Israel to get out of Palestine!

"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism," Sheehan declares.

Sheehan, who is asking for a second meeting with President Bush, says defiantly: "My son was killed in 2004. I am not paying my taxes for 2004. You killed my son, George Bush, and I don't owe you a give my son back and I'll pay my taxes. Come after me (for back taxes) and we'll put this war on trial."

"And now I'm going to use another 'I' word - impeachment - because we cannot have these people pardoned. They need to be tried on war crimes and go to jail."

The 48-year-old California mom remains tented up in a ditch along the one-lane road that leads to Bush's Texas ranch.

As her protest entered its second week, hundreds of people with conflicting opinions about the war in Iraq descended on the area.

TIME mag reports in new editions on Monday: Sheehan gets support from her surviving son, Andy, in principle, but he recently sent her a long e-mail imploring her, "to come home because you need to support us at home."


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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bill Mahr is an AssHole

I sat and watched the comedy special Bill Mahr I'm Swiss. ninety percent of it was political commentary not comedy. The humor was supposed to be the observations he made about the current administration, the right, and anyone who believes in religion. Some of it was cute, but the majority of it was just hostility directed at things and beliefs that he disagrees with. What came through his commentary was bitterness and a window into man that was really rather sad. The whole underlying theme of it was if you don't think like he does your the joke. As a presentation he tried to deliver his material the way George Carlin does, but fell way short. I dissagree with Carlin on most of his political views also. I have to say though that Carlin always makes me laugh. Everyone is entitled to their points of view including Mahr but his lack of talent at delivering his message was pathetic.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Iran is making the roadside bombs killing our soldiers

How much longer untill we focus our guns on Iran & Syria? Read the story from MSNBC... the story

We need to Start a Movement

I was watching C-Span and saw Rep Maxine Waters California, holding a rally called the Out Of Iraq Coalition. Now this is nothing new with Ms Waters this woman is a bigotted, commie who's sole purpose is to take your tax dollars and give them to people who refuse to get a job, or give a check to every black person becouse there was once slavery in this country. Now I am not going to get into that nonsense. What I found offensive and it happens quite often with black liberals is that she was holding this rally in a church. Now she is also part of the group that wants all refferances to god removed from our govt on the grounds of seperation of church and state.

The movement that needs to be started is everytime a black politician goes to a church and preaches their politics They need to be Sued for a violation of church and state. I am so sick of this group that demands the removal of the ten commandments and any referance to god be removed from our society, while they are continually given a pass on preaching from the pulpit of some church. Every time one of these politicians speaks from a pulpit we should call their office and the local press and ask why they are violating the seperations act. The ACLU should be filing cases against them but of course they won't becouse Black Liberals are NEVER HELD to the same standards that they want to hold the rest of us to.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Is the Shuttle DOOMED

God I hope not. The lunatic Fringe contingant. Which I am part of is running rampant with speculation about their impending Doom. Maj Ed Dames (the father of remote viewing) is predicting it has a good chance of blowing up. But what has me concerned is the speculation by Richard C Hoagland. A man blackballed by the JPL community but the man who should be running NASA, Was just on the radio discussing the horrifying possibility of what could happen as they pull the two shims out of the underbelly of the shuttle. The shim in the tail will expose the shuttles aluminum skin to the plasma of heat from re-entry. We all saw what happened the last time that happened. We lost our second shuttle. I beg anyone who reads this to pray for their safe return. If you want additional info Hoaglands link is on the side. When you go to his site go to the captains blog.

As I have stated before the Space Program is the shining star in our crown we must keep it Brilliant.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Our Boy

Cox & Forkum

Bolton goes to the UN

Finally Bolton goes to the UN. What do ya give the 300lb gorilla sitting at the table? "Whatever he wants"

The Democrats are all ranting that his position has been undermined. As if a group of people who mostly got their positions as ambassadors becouse there cousin is the king of their country and they murdered enough people for him to give them the appointment, are really going to care that the American ambasador didn't show a minority of senators all his paperwork. LOL

What matters is he has the support of the president of the US. And thats whose policies he will be pushing in the UN not the policies of a minority of communists trying to hold on to there seats in the US senate.