Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I spend my time on another site. It's called A Tangled Web, As I tried to go to it tonight my browser says it does not exist.

If this is the case the world has lost a wonderful site. It was very contentious amongst it's contributors, but It was in spite of the occasional decent into mayhem one of the jewels of the Internet.

If it is truly gone my heart is broken. Broken for it's loss, and broken over the despair my friend David Vance must have felt to end it.

It was filled with a group of dysfunctional misfits, myself being one of the worst. It was however also a magical place. A place of ideas and conversation, even camaraderie.

It broke down over the past couple of days into ugliness, and seems now to no longer exist.

I am at a lost for words.

I have been told by another contributor that it is still there. But my computer can not access it. 

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  1. Well if a woman named BG was in it she was the one that would have destroyed it! She called me a bigot and racist over my feelings towards islamics and I still hate ITM and feel they are part of the problem. They never did grow a couple! I also feel they are amongst us taking this grate nation down! Never be friends with dips that side with the enemy! If you know right from wrong that is all that matters!